The answer is yes if you consider millennials and Gen Y as part of your target audience. And yes if you are lover of telling your brand’s story in a really instantaneous and fun fashion.

To be honest, it took me ages to get my head around Snapchat. I downloaded the App and would go on to explore and experiment, not actually get anywhere then give up with huff and maybe call it stupid as I swiftly shut it down.

With a bit of persistence and a few tips from my 11 year old daughter I finally worked out how to do use it. The realisation hit me like brick – ‘oooooh, they’ve deliberately designed it this way to put us ‘parents’ off so kids can use it without fear of their daggy parents tagging them in on their lame Facebook updates or worse still keeping a watchful eye over their content.

Well suffer child – I’m on there now – but fortunately for you, nothing I post will embarrass you for too long as it only ever lasts 24 hours!

So exactly what it Snapchat and why is it so hot right now for brands?

Having debuted in 2011, Snapchat quickly gained a bad reputation as media stories emerged about how teenage kids were taking advantage of the channels self-destructing content and sending somewhat inappropriate images to one another.

Sure, that may happen but lots of other really cool content also gets published on this platform.

To use Snapchat natively, you will need to get your head around publishing real time stories as that is how you share content via this channel. Snapchat stories are a collection of images and videos that do just that – tell a short story.

If you are already uncomfortable with the nature of documenting daily activities that you may think too mundane to share, get prepared to take it one step further.

Snapchat is the perfect platform to give audiences a glimpse behind the scenes of their business. You can add several ‘scenes’ to a story. Each scene may be a photo or a video which contributes to the tale. Snapchat also has cool edit tools so you can layer text or emojis or sketches over the video or photo to add to the narrative.

We use it to share a sequential series of moments to document an event or happening or even just a full day in the office.

My biggest tip when it comes to using Snapchat as a brand is to just start using it personally and work out how it works. Follow other people in your industry and see how they are using it. Then experiment with publishing different stories. Don’t think too much about it as your content will only be visible for 24 hours then it disappears.

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