If anyone uses Pinterest personally you will be familiar with the dangers of getting lost in a visual expedition that starts with the intent for one destination but often leads you to a completely different ending. Talk about #sticky!

This platform is abundant with handy DIY tips, food styling & recipes, interior design and such a huge range of e-commerce products to buy – so you can understand why it’s nice to spend time there.Pinterest is not just for lifestyle brands though. Plenty of businesses are nailing it on Pinterest by posting blogs with eye-catching cover images or savvy looking infographics. (NB Canva.com is your friend if you are looking to produce either of the above).

One of the best things about using Pinterest for business is that it can be used to drive traffic to your website. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter which are more about connecting people with people, Pinterest is all about connecting people with the things they love.

Nearly all of the images on Pinterest are linked directly to the source of those images. So if someone is to discover one of your Pins and click through – they are transported directly to that page on your website to take the next step. If you are selling products online – that’s pretty powerful.

Your Pinterest Boards can also help you get discovered on Google. Just like any other well optimised social media profile, Google will rank your Pinterest page as one of the results for a search on your brand name. If you have a strong social media presence you can own the whole page 1 of Google search results for your brand name.

Pinterest can be a great way to engage with millennial’s and research has shown that this generation in particular respond well to Pins showing them how to use new products with products they may already have. Pinterest recently referenced a recent campaign where Gucci partnered with Vogue for a street style campaign 100 Ways to Wear Gucciwhich did just this.

The Pinterest platform has been designed so people can curate a collection of what they are interested in. If your business produces a product or service that people have a need or desire for and that can be represented visually – then perhaps it’s time to showcase it on Pinterest.




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