A branding and logo refresh can be such an invigorating process for your business to go through. It can excite your team, your customers, your suppliers and your community.

To ensure that your update is appreciated by all and does not confuse people along the way, it’s important to ensure that your new look is rolled out consistently and comprehensively.

I recently prepared this checklist for a client who just refreshed their logo and they really appreciated it. So I thought I would share it with you as well.

Please note; this is a pretty comprehensive list of touch points that will need updating, however, I recognise that there may be some that I have not included. Please feel free to add any extra suggestions into the comments below.

  1. Your business website
  2. Your Google Business listing (NB this is separate to your website)
  3. You and all of your team’s email signatures
  4. Any pre-existing marketing email templates that you have set up in your email marketing software
  5. Your Business Facebook Page
  6. Your LinkedIn Business Page
  7. Your Instagram profile
  8. Any outdoor signage
  9. Business cards
  10. Letterhead & other stationary (with comps slips, envelopes etc.)
  11. Roll up banners
  12. Powerpoint presentations
  13. Proposals
  14. Brochures
  15. Postcards
  16. Update your logo with media suppliers – eg print publications to ensure they don’t accidentally use an old version that they have on file.
  17. Pens and other promotional collateral
  18. Sponsorship – are there any organisations that you sponsor who are displaying your logo?
  19. Directory listings (online and offline)
  20. Partners – update your business partners that are including your logo in their promotion
  21. Operational touch points such as accounting software

As well as updating all of these touch points to ensure that your branding is consistent across the board you may also want to consider the following communications to let important people know of your new look.

  • An update to existing clients and your email database with an email or mailing that introduces your new look.
  • Create a post to share out via Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn to inspire your communities with your refresh.
  • If you have moved significantly from one look to another or completely changed your business name, then you may want to design a campaign with the objective of informing all of your relevant stakeholders and include a full range of communication channels including email, social, direct mail, radio, print advertising, publicity and even TV.

So there you have it. With this checklist in tow, you can enjoy your brand revitalisation knowing that you have ensured that all eyes are on the best version of your business’s brand.


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