Something very exciting happened to the Tastings on Hastings Facebook page last Sunday night. I posted what I knew to be an interesting post that people would engage with. I am the first to admit though, had no idea just how much interest it would generate!

We posted this image out via the Tastings on Hastings Instagram account and I elected to share it via the Tastings on Hastings page as well. I don’t always share the same content across these two mediums as it’s important you cater for audiences that might be part of both communities. Every now and again though, it’s OK.

I posted this around 4.30pm on a Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoon is a good time to post content to Facebook and Instagram as people are generally winding down from the weekends activities and keen to review what everybody else has been up to.

What happened next gave us smiles from ear to ear!

MILO Facebook Post

Total Likes: 1,026
Total Shares: 406
Total Comments: Over 100
Page Likes as a result of Post Engagement: 48
Total Investment: $0

And all of that was achieved mostly within a 24 hour time period. Winner!!!

The numbers were fabulous and the closest we have ever become to ‘going viral’ however it was the content of the comments that truly made our hearts sing. What a proud bunch the people of Kempsey and Smithtown are. It was a pure demonstration of #localpride and #localssupportinglocals at its very finest.

So what can we learn from the success of that post that we can use to gain momentum in our own Facebook posts:

1. Content

This post is the perfect example of sharing and contributing to a community rather than selling to them. This post celebrates our local region and its achievements. It recognises the important part it has played in contributing towards what is a successful brand nationally.

2. Timing

A post is more likely to be seen if it shows up on people’s newsfeed when your target audience are actually online.Our Insights page tells us that the majority of our page followers are active on a Sunday from about 4pm until about 9.30pm.

3. Image

It just so happened that the afternoon we published that post, the weather had just started to turn a little cooler. So the image of a hot mug of Milo would have resonated with people as they snuggled in for the afternoon from the cold.

4. Past Affinity

We have maintained a really active presence on the Tastings on Hastings Facebook page for well over 12 months now which has built an affinity with our community. Our posts are regular and our followers often engage well with our posts which helps to ensure that when we publish content, Facebook will deem it important enough to push these posts out to our community. It’s a numbers game! The more people that engage with your posts =the more Facebook will prioritise it = the more people will see your posts.

There’s an art to making an impact on Facebook. It’s easy for some brands and it’s hard work for others. This post definitely performed better than we had first anticipated however the fundamentals were laid to achieve a good level of engagement.

If you want to find out how you can use Facebook as a Marketing Tool, come along to our Facebook Marketing Masterclass – Wednesday 29 April. You can find out more here:http://conta.cc/1I0cEDv


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