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The How To Do Marketing Academy is a 12-month marketing leadership and accountability program, lead by marketing experts and developed for small business owners just like you.

We know from working with hundreds of small businesses that some of the biggest problems that they face when it comes to marketing are:

  1. They do not have enough time to work out how to do marketing properly
  2. They don’t know how to reach the right customer with the right message
  3. They don’t know where to invest their marketing dollars to ensure that it drives a return on investment
  4. They do not know how to  keep up with or navigate the rapidly evolving digital technologies

Well, we think we can help solve every single one of these problems with our ‘How to do Marketing Academy’ program.

We’ll do this by:

Helping you work out how to do the right type of marketing for your business and how much you need to spend.
Our team of marketing experts will help you build a marketing game plan, plot out your tactics both over 12 months and 90-day periods with associated budget recommendations. We will assist you along the way with quarterly review and planning sessions to keep you accountable, answer all your marketing questions and provide you with templates and how-to guides along the way.

Helping you define who it is that you need to target and what it is you need to communicate with them. We’ll help you work out how your target audience thinks and make decisions. This information is GOLD when it comes to planning out the best way to communicate with them.

Helping you upskill on all the necessary digital technology.
During the 12 months, we will shower you with live Q&A sessions and exclusive interviews with marketing experts. You’ll also have unlimited access to an online library full of ‘how to do marketing’  resources.

You’ll connect with a tribe of other like-minded small business owners who are also completing the program. This is your crew to share your wins or challenges with, to ask for feedback on ideas or just to reach out and chat to in an exclusive Facebook Group.

This program will open up opportunities that you had never considered.

Here’s what the next twelve months will look like as a member of the How to do Marketing Academy:

  • An easy-to-follow, customised, strategic marketing plan that will guide the next 12 months of marketing activity. It will include your business objectives, marketing priorities, a description of your target audience
  • 4 x 90 day tactical marketing plans delivered quarterly that provide you with a list of weekly marketing activities to focus on
  • 4 x 2 hour one to one workshops, conducted quarterly with one of our super savvy marketing guides where we flesh out business priorities and nut through some more strategic planning.
  • Fortnightly Live Q&A sessions in the exclusive How to do Marketing Academy Facebook group with Jane and the Dragonfly Marketing team.
  • Monthly virtual lunch and learns featuring with marketing experts
  • Access to an online library with an abundance of ‘How to do Marketing’ resources including ‘How to- videos, cheat sheets, E-Guides and templates
  • Access to our little black book of tried and tested graphic designers, specialist social media trainers, website developers, online advertising specialists and much more.
  • Discounted pricing to additional live events and marketing workshops hosted by Dragonfly Marketing.

Applications for the How To Do Marketing Academy will be open soon and will close by June 30, 2020.


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Jane has opened our eyes to competencies, strategies and tactics we didn’t know existed. She brings an ‘outside the bubble’ perspective to our business and helps us look at ourselves through the eyes of our customers – a perspective that is simply not possible as an insider. She has helped us develop a marketing ecosystem to support defined strategies that deliver real tangible outcomes. The team at Dragonfly Marketing are good listeners and they are able to work in conjunction with our staff to drive the business where we want it to go.

Craig Watson, Managing Director, Morgans Port Macquarie

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

The program is $375 +GST per month if you choose to take the 12-month payment plan. We set this payment plan up on a direct debit arrangement. For those who would like to pay for their 12-month commitment upfront – your total cost is $4,164 (which works out at only $347 +GST per month. Oh and PS if you choose to pay the whole amount up front, you’ll also receive a free copy of How to do Marketing – A Comprehensive Guide for Small Businesses.

How do I know that this program is for me?

This program is designed for ambitious and motivated business owners who are ready to commit to growing their business. To get the best results, you will need to really lean in and commit to making things happen. If you feel like you may not be able to reprioritise your week to ensure that your marketing gets done, then you may want to get a team member involved in the process as well to back you up.

How much marketing knowledge do I need to be able to complete this program?

None. That’s what we are here for. The How to do Marketing Academy will teach you how to create a simple yet effective marketing strategy that plugs into your business. We’ll work with you to define your ideal target audience and refine your messaging to ensure that you are saying the right things to the right people.

What happens if I’m not sure how to do some of the marketing activity that is assigned in my 90-day plan?

When it comes to working on your marketing activity, you will have access to an extensive online library of ‘how to do marketing’ resources. We’ll also be showing up in the exclusive ‘How to do Marketing Academy’ Facebook Group fortnightly on a Friday for live Q&A sessions to answer any questions that you might be having along the way.

And, if there is marketing activity in your plan that you would simply rather outsource, we can provide you with a quote to get this work done for you.

How much time will I need to put aside to complete my marketing tasks?

We all have the same amount of time in our days and we can’t control that. What we can control is how we prioritise our activities based on the time we are given. To maximise your chances of success in this program, you (or your appointed team member) will need to carve out and commit to some time to get this done. We would allow at least 2-6 hours per week depending on what your marketing objectives are for that quarter.

How will the one to one workshops be delivered?

The workshops will be delivered via Zoom video conference. We will send you a Zoom link in a meeting request. All you will need to do is click on the zoom link provided and you will link straight into our video conference. We will record each workshop and send you this detail so that you can have on file to reference any detail.

What if I have questions or need support between our quarterly workshops?

We love questions! We are unable to answer these directly in the program however, we will answer any questions you may have in our fortnightly Facebook live Q&A session. We will provide you with an email address to shoot your questions off to and they will be added to our Facebook Live Q&A list for the fortnight.

Plus, you will also have the support of the other businesses in the How to do Marketing Academy Group. We will be in there answering any questions that we can, however you will also have lots of other like-minded business owners who may also have the answer that you are looking for.

What happens when we complete the 12 months?

We throw a big party! We celebrate all that we have achieved and then we plan how we will achieve bigger and better things in the next 12 months.

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