We bloody love what we do and we have done for the ten years that Dragonfly Marketing has been in business. Here’s ten reasons why we think you should love us too…


#1 We let more people know about your brand

No-one can buy from you if they don’t know about you. We help develop a smart marketing strategy that creates a marketing eco-system of relevant, meaningful and impactful communication touch points.


#2 We bring your brand to life

A brand is so much more than a logo. A brand is an energy. It’s something that radiates at every touch point that you have with your customer and any stakeholder for that matter. It’s the way your team act, how your customer feels when they arrive at your website or bound through your front door. It’s the messaging that you include on your marketing material. It’s an attitude. We don’t just redesign logos – we breathe life and love into brands.


#3 We help you understand who your customer is

This is our favourite part! We have so many questions. We ask you, we ask your customers, we ask ourselves, we stalk social media. You name it. We are always in hot pursuit to find out exactly how your customer thinks so we can anticipate the messaging that will work on them.


#4 We make you money

And so we should. Marketing is an investment. Not a cost. Smart marketing should be designed to increase your leads and ultimately your sales.


#5 We save you money

Yep. How many dollars have you wasted on ineffective marketing and advertising? It’s frustrating not knowing if your marketing is working or not. So we design strategies that align with your business objectives, consider your target audience and communicate the right messages and call-to-actions. We cut out the crap that doesn’t work and just include the stuff that does.


#6 We get people talking about your company

We create buzz. We want you brand the subject of every weekend BBQ. We not only encourage awesome marketing but we consider how we can optimise your business development and sales process. How can we provide your customer with the most remarkable experience that makes them want to spread that beautiful thing we love so much in marketing; word-of-mouth.


#7 We get your customers to engage with your brand

Let’s not just talk at your customers. Let’s get them involved in the conversation. We use social media a lot for this because that’s what it’s designed to do – build relationships and encourage engagement. But it doesn’t just stop there. We can get your customers engaging with you on many different levels. All it takes is a sound strategy and a magical dose of creativity!


#8 We help you understand how digital marketing works

We do this because it’s the way of the future. Soon we won’t even call it digital marketing. It will just be marketing. We truly believe that digital marketing can be one of the most effective forms of getting your message in front of your tribe. We also believe though that for some brands – it’s just one component of the marketing eco-system. What we love about it – and we think you will too – you can measure your activity. You’ll know if something is working or not within minutes sometimes. And if it’s not – we tweak, optimise and try again.


#9 We demonstrate that your marketing is working

It’s so important to us that your marketing works. Our reputation relies on it. We have developed robust marketing measurement processes that help us, and you, understand how your marketing affects your business’s bottom line.


#10 We help grow your business

We are as passionate about this as you are. We choose to work with clients who have amazing businesses and opportunities and we get behind them with gusto. Our strategy and execution is designed with your business objectives in mind. And we are doers. If your goal is business growth – then that’s what we’ll do!


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