Understanding who your customer is, is one of the MOST fundamental ingredients to marketing. If you know who your customer is you can make smart and informed choices about where to reach them with your marketing.

If you know their gender, age and geo location, you can target them very effectively on platforms such as Facebook.

More importantly you will know what’s important to them, what problems they have that you can solve, who influences them and what they value. All of this information helps shape your messaging, and your headlines. It helps you select appropriate images to use in your marketing – images that your target audience will relate to.

We’ve put together a list of the ten things that we think every organisation should know about their customers:


#1 Their gender

#2 Their age

#3 Where they are geographically located

#4 Which social media channels they use frequently

#5 What other media they consume regularly

#6 Where else they might buy a product or service like yours

#7 The problem they have that your business can help them solve

#8 Which people influence their purchase decisions. (Eg celebrities, family members, friends, teachers etc.)

#9 What they value about your product or service

#10 What drives their decision to buy a product or service such as yours


If you don’t know these things about your customers, consider getting a group of your best customers together and asking them. Even better, send out a survey to your customer base and collect the data that way. There’s probably a whole lot more you could ask them as well! The more you know, the more targeted your marketing can be and the better results you will get!


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