I’m going to be honest here and tell you that I have a personal agenda to get Marketing on the agenda for every small business. It’s not really something that should be viewed as optional in my opinion. If you are using marketing correctly there are many benefits that it can bring you and ultimately it can positively influence your businesses bottom line.

If you are serious about business growth, then marketing is an investment that will help you get there.

So if you need to convince yourself, your boss or your business partner to starting investing in marketing, here are my top ten reasons that you can use in an effort to persuade them!

Reason #1 – Marketing helps customers find you.
If people don’t know you exist, they can’t buy from you.

Reason #2 – Marketing can help create an emotional connection with your customer.
Your brand and your company represent so much more than your physical being. There are customers who feel an emotional attachment to your brand and if they don’t, you want them to. Brand positioning is the spot in the mind of our consumers that we want to own. So when they come into contact with your brand, we want them to think certain thoughts or feel a certain way. It’s a subconscious effect, but ever-so important.
If your customers (or your tribe) can connect with your offering on an emotional level, you have a lot more chance of them recalling your brand, talking about your brand to others and best of all, becoming loyal to your brand.

Reason #3 – Marketing helps customers understand why they should pick you instead of your competitors.
What makes you different? Why should customers choose you as opposed to your competitors? Marketing can help communicate these key messages with clarity and persistence.

Reason #4 – Having an awesome brand can inspire your team.
Notice how proud people who work with Google or Apple seem to be. That’s because they work for awesome brands that are leaders within their field. The brands are instantly recognisable and they represent progressive and innovative thinking, global reach and incredible opportunity. So what do you think that says about the people that work there? That’s right – they must represent that too. Imagine if your employees were that loud and proud to work for your brand.

Reason #5 – Marketing drives leads.
Leads can be converted to sales. Sales is what it’s all about!

Reason #6 – Marketing increases sales.
I’m not sure I’ve ever worked with a small business who hasn’t wanted to increase their sales at some point in the business journey!

Reason #7 – Marketing can help to even out sales peaks and troughs.
Every business has them. Peaks and troughs can cause chaos with resource planning, cash flow etc. We would be naive to think that we can completely change people’s behaviour enough to work around our business and purchase our product whenever we need them to – without giving them good reason to!
If you know a certain period of the year is quiet, you can create marketing campaigns to help influence sales around those times, or introduce sales / products that might be more suitable to the customer then. Alternatively, you can use your marketing to further amplify sales in peak periods to cover you over the trough periods.

Reason #8 – Smart marketing can save you money.
Running expensive advertising campaigns on channels that your target audience don’t tune into or that don’t do a good job of communicating your messaging or call to actions can be a very, very expensive exercise! We have saved small businesses thousands of dollars over the ten years that we have been operating simply by directing their advertising to targeted channels and tightening up their Ad creative.

Reason #9 – Marketing can help you get to know your customer better.
The insights that we can collect via digital marketing channels are AH MAZE ING!! By just having a well populated Facebook page, we can access insights about our Facebook community’s demographics. By posting certain content and running certain ad campaigns we can gauge their enthusiasm for certain messaging, images, or offers that we run etc.
Customer surveys are also a hard and fast way of gathering key consumer insight.
All under the heading of marketing!!

Reason #10 – Marketing is fun!
We wouldn’t do it otherwise. Jeez, who doesn’t want to spend time creating ideas that convert people into paying customers. The rush of adrenalin when you witness a digital marketing campaign nail it, when you see your Facebook ad campaigns converting ads into online sales. Getting to know your customers better, creating a brand that gets the whole company energised and excited. Seriously – it’s the new black!!


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