#1 Canva.com

I can’t tell you how much this App improved our social media content. It’s Graphic Design for the design inept (like me). They have every single template for all of your social channels plus a whole bunch of templates that you can use to design posters, brochures etc. There a thousands of free icons and images to use. There are cool fonts and colours and image enhancing tools. AND there are design templates so if you are lacking in the ability to whip up a savvy, well composed design. It’s all click and drag. Too easy!!

This one does have a free version, however I pay for the business version which is $12.95 per month.


#2 Schedugram

This is the only scheduling tool that we have found that you can schedule out Instagram content and it will post it for you. Given the prolific nature of Instagram (we recommend you aim to post at least once a day), this tool can be an excellent resource for getting ahead. There’s no free version and it costs $20 a month to use.


#3 Zoom

Zoom is a bit like Skype but in my opinion easier to use and better for remote group meetings, particularly when you want to dial in more than two people. You can share a screen so we have used it to deliver Social Media Acceleration Programs to people not based in Port Macquarie. We use it to create ‘how to’ videos as well. There is a free version of this, however we pay.


#4 Pages

This is the Facebook Pages App that you can download to your phone. It’s super useful if you manage multiple Facebook pages. As it only holds data about your Facebook Pages it provides assurance when you are updating to a Page, that you are not accidently updating as your personal profile. It gives you some limited Page insights etc. as well so you can manage your Pages on the fly.


#5 Simple Minds

This is a mind mapping App. We use the free version and it’s an absolute winner for mapping out content.


#6 Survey Monkey

Don’t know anything about your customers. Well how about you ask them! Survey Monkey is the ultimate online survey tool that is really easy to use. Basically you input the questions you would like to ask, send the link to people, they fill it out, you press a button and it generates a report. Love. We pay for this tool however there is a free version.


#7 Hootsuite

I’ve used Hootsuite on and off for years. I really only use it for scheduling out content via LinkedIn and Twitter. It also allows you to stream all of your channels through so if you are managing multiple channels you can do it all in the one place. I’m a purist when it comes to Facebook, I schedule all content from Facebook itself. You can queue content for Instagram but it won’t post it out like Schedugram does.


#8 Dropbox

Cloud file storage. A winner in my books. It’s easy to share files and collaborate as teams on folders. It syncs to your hard drive immediately. You can download the App to your phone so you can access files on the move.


#9 Mailchimp

My beautiful email software solution. I have used this puppy for years. There’s a free version which I use for most accounts I manage. In fact this email has come to you via Mailchimp. I’ve always found it super easy to use. Anyone who is emailing groups of people still using their email server, I very enthusiastically with my bossiest pants on urge you to make the switch to using Mailchimp, the benefits are endless.


#10 Unbounce

This is perhaps for the more advanced digital marketing enthusiast. It’s an App that allows you to really easily build landing pages designed to convert. You basically choose a template to work with, add all of your content, including images and videos, call to action buttons etc. then plug it in to your website. This is most useful when you just want to create a landing page quickly and don’t want to have to wait (or pay) for your web developer to build the page for you on your website.


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