It’s true. Facebook does determine what you do and don’t see in your personal news feed. They do this with a filtering algorithm (formerly known as Edgerank) that monitors people’s behaviour on Facebook. The kind of behaviour it’s looking for is:

A. People’s affinity with a person or brand

This is the amount of times a person engages (clicks on, likes, comments, shares) with content published by certain people or brands.

B. A posts popularity

The more engagement a post gets, the more important Facebook deems this information and the more likely it will show this content in people’s news feed.

C. The timeliness of a post

New content that Facebook thinks you should see will generally go straight to the top of your feed. But sometimes we see a post at the top of our feed that we’ve seen already and that was posted a day or so ago. That’s because Facebook has deemed that this post relates to a trending topic in your network so they want to make sure you don’t miss out.

If Facebook didn’t apply some sort of a filter to your news feed, the average person would be faced with over 1,500 posts streaming through their feed. Based on user research (Facebook are very big on this) they decided that this amount of info was way too much for us to take in.

With our behavioural patterns noted and their algorithm in place Facebook have ensured that we’ll actually only see about 200 of the potential 1,500 posts per day.

As a Facebook user I say – ‘phew!’ I love the fact my content has been curated for me. One less thing for me to think about and trawl through.

As a brand who is trying to engage with my audience on Facebook, I say – ‘How can I make sure that my posts are included in the 200 potential posts that my customer is going to see?’ Easy:

A. Ensure your customer creates an affinity with your brand by providing engaging content that is remarkable and relevant. What is going to make your customer click, like, comment on or share your post?

B. Talkability is vital. The more you encourage people to engage with your content – the longer it will hang around in people’s news feed and the more people will see it.

C. Boost your post. Give your post some more air time by boosting it. Sometime $5 is all that is needed to ensure your post is seen by more of your customers.

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