Client: Dundaloo Support Services

Disability services in Australia has recently gone through massive change with the major move being toward a user-choice model. Many disability service providers under the new National Disability Insurance Scheme, have been required to quickly pivot, upskill and refocus their business models to survive in a competitive marketplace.

As participants are now given the power to spend their funding as they choose, it’s critical service providers, particularly smaller regional based providers, develop solid and consistent brand identities that build positive brand equity and strong consumer perceptions over time.

Dundaloo Support Services, a well-known and established local disability support provider located in the Manning valley, New South Wales, came to us to not only develop a brand identity, but also build an integrated 12-month marketing strategy that prepared the organisation for an open marketplace.


  • To develop a consistent brand identity, look and feel that was recognisable, built upon the organisations person-centered approach and gave a nod to their local heritage.
  • Position the small local brand as a “local disability” provider who adopted a strong belief in empowering local disabled people, to live life their way in order to differentiate themselves from the national disability providers in the area.
  • Upskill and educate staff to be commercially focused and market driven when developing marketing and communications strategies
  • Incorporate a range of digital technologies and marketing channels into marketing mix including social media marketing, email marketing and website development.


  • Significant change, government pressure and an open market place
  • Limited budget and funding
  • A need to move quickly, adapt, reposition and upskill
  • A vast and sometimes confusing service industry that includes lots of government speak, jargon and legislative requirement with a need to simplify and tailor to a particular audience.

The Solution:

Working with key Dundaloo Support Services staff, we developed a 12-month marketing strategy that worked to identify milestones in order to position Dundaloo as a leading and truly local disability support provider in the area.

This included brand and logo development, awareness and product specific campaigns educating local target audiences about product and services and re developing the Dundaloo website.

Dragonfly Marketing Services Provided:

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Website Creative Direction
  • Website Scoping and Project Management
  • Brand and Logo Development
  • Campaign Planning
  • Regional Media Buying – Print, Digital and Radio
  • Marketing Communications Project Management

The Results

Key outcomes:

  1. Development of a new logo, brand and brand guide for Dundaloo Support Services that was approved by current customers. The new logo and brand style has since been applied across company livery, advertising, internal collateral, social media, stationary and website.
    The brand process has invigorated the company and the staff and has resulted in a tangible progression result in the direction and preparedness for an NDIS open marketplace. Dundaloo advise that the refreshed brand identity has worked well to refresh and further strengthen the staff culture and values.
  2. A new tagline and brand position, “My Local Disability Service” which speak to ownership, independence and the local heritage. None of which national disability support providers can lay claim to.
  3. A new website that clearly articulates the product and service offerings clearly, reflects the brand personality, champions the current clients base and success stories and clearly directs people to engage, commence and live life their way.

Key outcomes:

  • Refreshed branding that is now consistent across all touchpoints
  • A website that tells the Dundaloo story
  • A more professional presence in a competitive market
  • A brand that energises the Dundaloo team
  • Confidence to employ marketing and advertising using a solid framework to ensure results

Customer Testimonial:

The best thing about DFM was they listened to understand us. From our very first meeting Dragonfly Marketing demonstrated the capacity to interpret what was important to us. They generously shared their knowledge and applied their skills to meet the needs of our organisation. At all times we felt the Dragonfly team was working with us, not for us and we knew we could trust them to support us to achieve what we set out to achieve. They were personable, reflective and delivered quality advice and services in a professional manner.

In just 6 months we went from an organisation that knew we probably needed to advertise to understanding that brand awareness and marketing are so much more than just advertising. We have built collateral that we are proud of, that captures the essence of who we are and can be used in multiple marketing and advertising contexts. We have relaunched our website, refreshed our logo, developed a suite of branded documents and have a fresh new approach to social media. We now have the confidence, skills and resources to develop marketing strategies ourselves. We understand more about what to market, when to market and how to market.

We recommend that organisations that do not have marketing expertise or sense they need to impact their business or social communities and just don’t know where to start employ the services of Dragonfly Marketing. They will provide you with a fresh, individual approach to marketing and brand development.

Pam Kingston
Senior Practitioner
Dundaloo Support Services


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