By Fleur Hillsdon @loldolls457

Having a strong Instagram account isn’t as easy as it looks, especially for starters who don’t know what they are doing. You don’t just wake up and you have gone up 300 followers. I have a passion in photography and dolls, put them together and I have an Instagram account for my love of dolls. But Instagram isn’t just about posting pretty pictures of your dolls, it can also be a vital tool for growing your business. These tips will help you have a healthy, strong account that will attract followers.

Posting Frequently

It is essential to post enough, otherwise people lose interest. While posting regularly is important, you don’t want to post too much, especially at one time. When you are posting you don’t want to block up other people’s feed, especially when your posts aren’t worthy. Posting is about quality, not quantity. If you are posting photos that are blurry, or aren’t relevant, people won’t like and comment on your photos. The people I follow on my account are people that give me inspiration, and have nice photos, and I’m sure that people follow me for the same reason. If you are posting more than three times a day, spread your posts out so there not in one block. So while you shouldn’t be posting once every blue moon, you should be posting relevant photos, while not blocking up other people’s feed.

Using hashtags

Using hashtags on Instagram is a great way of getting likes, comments and followers. By following hashtags, you are able to see other people’s posts if they have used that hashtag. When using hashtags, make sure to be creative with them, and also look for popular ones. If you are using hashtags then make sure to have ones that are relevant to your posts, and that make sense to your audience. In my experience, the more hashtags you have used the better.

Being descriptive

Having a caption is an excellent way of describing what your picture is about, where you are, who you’re with, what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. When you are writing your caption, make it descriptive by explaining the photo. Make sure you aren’t blabbering about things that aren’t worth explaining, especially things that don’t matter or have nothing to do with the subject. Captions should include a description of the photo and some hashtags. When I think about the posts that I have done with short but descriptive captions, they have gotten far more likes than the ones that haven’t. If you are aiming for more comments then try asking questions in your captions.

Is your photo worthy?

When posting a photo, I want you to think to yourself, is this a good photo? Is it relevant? Is it blurry and is it something that I would be proud of? Ask yourself if you saw this photo, would you skip past it, or would you go and comment, like it and follow them?

If you wouldn’t, then don’t post it. Sometimes editing a photo or giving it a nice filter can change everything. Sometimes you might be proud of your photo, but others might see it as a train wreck, so sometimes it’s good to get a second opinion. When you are taking a photo make sure you are looking for nice spots, and lighting. If you are taking a photo outdoors, then the sun can make it look dark. Try moving around to get the right lighting.

Taking time

Some accounts on Instagram grow very quickly, while some grow slowly, but it’s important to know that even the people with hundreds of millions and followers started with zero. Although my account has grown rather quickly, it has been a challenge and I have worked very hard and put a lot of effort into it. It was in February when I was elated because I was hitting 100 followers, while now in April I have hit 1000. While following these tips make an extreme change, what will determine how fast you grow is your topic, and how many people are into it.

So in conclusion, Instagram is a terrific way to grow a business and express your love for something. Hopefully following some of these tips will help your account get started, and keep your account going strong. This is @loldolls457 out.


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