It’s all about marketing. But it’s not just any old marketing book. It’s a book that addresses being a small business in a regional town of Australia.

I have chosen to write this book for this market for two reasons:

  1. I live in regional Australia. Port Macquarie, New South Wales actually. And I have run a business here for over ten years providing marketing consulting to other small, local businesses.
  2. I believe that small business has the power to drive and sustain regional development. And I want to help build the capacity of regional Australia. Local businesses employ local people, we support local charities, we contribute to building sustainable local economies that help our nation thrive. We are ambitious and capable and together we can collaborate to achieve a common goal that is bigger than us.

This may be stating the obvious but operating a business in a regional town is very different to running one in a metro city.

And for this reason, your approach to marketing needs to be different as well. So if you are a small business based in regional Australia, this book is for you!

So far, I’m 45,000 words in with a few chapters to go. I am editing and refreshing chapters as I go. I’m absolutely positive that I’m over-thinking everything way too much but I have a feeling that the end result will be just what I set out to create.

Something that is practical and informative and that helps small business owners make smart marketing decisions.

I talk strategy, tactics and mindset. I’ve also interviewed some awesome, every day small business legends and included some of their insight.

If you’d like me to let you know when the book has been published (aiming for mid 2019), drop me a line and I’ll make sure you get all the details!


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