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While it’s important to commit to a frequency for your marketing activity (a drumbeat as we call it) to ensure that you remain front of mind with your target audience, your marketing strategy should not be based on output.

Just because you get 12 social media newsfeed posts published in a month does not mean that these will be effective. In fact, they will stand to be 100% useless if the intent, the content and the measurement of these posts are not outcome-driven.

Don’t let be sucked into propulsion to just get content out there. If your content is meaningless or simply adds additional white noise to the already overwhelming amount of content out there, you are seriously better off not posting at all.

If you want your marketing to generate a return on your investment, it’s important to map your marketing activity to achieve specific goals. These will ideally be a mixture of long terms goals (such as building brand) and short terms goals (such as driving engagement and sales).

So when you are deciding on how social media will contribute to your overall marketing ecosystem, specify how those 12 social media posts tie into achieving your short and long-term marketing goals? How will the imagery, caption, call-to-action, and hashtags compel the viewer to act? How will you measure their effectiveness? Ideally, we want to measure those posts in relation to what they were supposed to achieve. For example; differentiation, positioning, awareness, engagement, sales, repeat sales, etc.

Ideally, your content will be driven by pre-conceived topic pillars. These pillars will ensure that you are communicating messages that resonate with your consumer as well as drive results for your business.


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