Become the number one solution for your customers and leave your competitors in the dust.

Successful brands are the ones that are courageous enough to recognise that no matter who they are or what they sell, they will never be the perfect solution for every single person in this world.

They know that to truly succeed, they just need to be the perfect solution to a particular group of customers who believe what they believe.

It takes bravery to define this specific target audience and to turn your back on those not within it. Then it takes confidence and conviction to position your business to this audience as the number one solution for them.

Here’s four steps that you can follow to do exactly that:


For people to connect with your organisation on an emotional level, you need to mean more to them than a convenient transaction. These days consumers are overwhelmed with information and choice. Purchasing has moved beyond convenience and even price to some degree.

Consumers now want to know who they can trust. In a time where we have physical access to everything we could ever want at the click of a mouse, we still want for more.


To quench this desire, we want to understand who it is we are buying from and what they stand for? Why should we buy from them? We want to know their stories. Who are the people that stand behind the business, and what do they stand for?

Do they give back to the community they serve? Do they help save the planet or destroy it? Are they ethical? Do their values align with ours?

Tell your business’s story, share your why. Bring your passionate people to the front of your marketing messages.

Your product or service may fulfil a functional need, but that’s simply expected. To stand out in a crowd, you need to stand for something.


You can’t know enough about your target audience. The more you understand what motivates them as a person, what scares them, what worries them, what excites them, the better placed you are to communicate how your business can provide them with solutions.

You want to know how they think, who influences them. Where they consume their information. You want to know their values and habits. What language do they use when they are talking about your product or service?

If you know your target audience better than anyone else in this world, including any potential competitors, then you can ensure your communications connect with them better than anyone else’s.

This will position you as the number one solution for them.


Ensure that you stay front of mind with your target audience by regularly popping into their social feeds, into their inboxes or into their favourite mag.

Don’t assume that you will stay in their thoughts automatically because they have purchased from you or contacted you once before.

There is just too much information out there now for people to be able to hold onto stuff that’s not relevant to them right at that moment. It’s way too easy for thoughts to come and go when we are faced with a barrage of new information every which way we look.

To ensure you are holding that special place in your target’s mind, you have to constantly (but pleasantly) remind them of you.


People love feeling appreciated. An unexpected gift, a personal letter of thanks, a phone call from the business owner to follow up a recent purchase and ensure that everything went smoothly; these are all small gestures that can deliver powerful results.

No matter how far we progress with technical innovation, good manners will always be appreciated.

The feel-good emotions that are evoked in a person after they have been surprised and delighted will make a lasting impression.

As Maya Angelou so famously quoted, people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Connecting with your defined target audience on an emotional level by consistently demonstrating your values and how these values align with their own, will ensure that in their mind, you are the number one solution for them.


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