How did I do car travel before podcasts were a thing? Honestly, I don’t know. These days I could almost say that I look forward to my long hauls up and down the highway as I drive to and from meetings and events in Sydney. Almost.

I learn SO MUCH from the podcasts I listen to. I mix it up a bit with genres, however, I must say I am pretty addicted to my reel of business podcasts.

There are still so many people that I speak to though who are yet to discover the joys of podcast consumption.

So, if you are someone who has been standing on the edge of the podcast precipe, wondering whether or not to dive on in, I have written this article just for you.

Firstly, here’s how you can find a podcast to listen to:

If you have an Apple iPhone head to your podcast App – the purple one – it looks like this:

Search for your podcast title. When you see the title you are looking for in your search results, tap on it and then start scrolling through the episode choices.

Alternatively, you can search for your podcast title in iTunes following a similar process.

OR if you have a Spotify account – once again, hit the search icon and type the title of your podcast in the search bar.

You can even access podcasts on your desktop – simply type in the name of the podcast you are searching for (e.g. Miss Bossy Boots Podcast) into your Google search bar and once you find the podcast title that you are looking for (usually found on the podcast website) then simply peruse the available episodes and hit play.

Business Podcasts to get you started

I listen to so many podcasts and have amassed a list of my favourite, go-to business podcasts that I highly recommend. Here’s a handful to get you started:

NPR How I Built This with Guy Raz

This is my favourite business podcast by a regional mile. I love everything about it. Guy (the host) really knows how to tease out the story from his incredibly accomplished entrepreneurial guests (Melanie Perkins: Canva, Kate Spade: Kate Spade New York, Michael Dublin: Dollar Shave Club). He asks all the questions that I want to ask and I believe he leaves the listener’s curiosity completely satiated. The production of the podcast is flawless, including the sprinkling of music added into the background to highlight climatic parts of the story.

Lady StartUp

This is a podcast from the team at Mamamia. Rachel Corbett is the host and she speaks with women who’ve started their own businesses to tease out their entrepreneurial tips and tricks. Guests include Abigail Forsyth (KeepCup), Samantha Wills (Samatha Wills Jewellery) and Jane Lu (Showpo).

Building a Storybrand with Donald Miller

As a marketer, this podcast is right up my alley. The podcast is all about building your business by focusing on building and differentiating your brand with storytelling. It’s not just brand and marketing topics that they broach though. There are a lot of eps focused on workplace culture – in fact, this episode about how Horst Schulze leads his company; the Ritz Carlton with his vision – is fascinating!!

Miss Bossy Boots 

I recommend this podcast because it is not only fabulous – but it is one that I co-host with fellow business-owner Stacey Morgan from Port Macquarie Performing Arts. This podcast is all about keeping it real for women in business. We are both mothers of three kids and both run our own businesses. By sharing all the ups, downs, and share arounds, we aim to make other business owners lives feel a little bit more normal!

And watch this space

I am launching a podcast on January 1, 2020 and it’s called How to do Marketing. It’s for small business owners who want to learn more about marketing from the experts. Each fortnight the How to do Marketing podcast deep dives into a particular area of the strategic, creative and tactical world of marketing.

There are so many awesome podcasts to listen to. In fact, in 2019, there are over 700,000 active podcasts and over 29 millions episodes! I hope this article has helped you to get amongst all of this audio goodness.

Please feel free to share any podcast discoveries you have along the way!


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