Never underestimate the potential power of your small business website. Honestly, a well-designed and considered website can be one of the crucial elements in a healthy and vibrant marketing eco-system.

If you want a website that attracts customers when you are busy in your business working for your customers, or even when you are asleep, then I suggest that you listen to this episode where I speak to communications expert Lauren McAllister.

Lauren shares how to create a really healthy and performance-driven website by carefully considering the words and other content that you include in your website.

And it’s not just which words, it’s where you place those words on your website that counts.

I would suggest having a pen handy, as Lauren shares lots of really practical tips that you may want to note down.

You can find Lauren at WebStudio

Website: https://www.webstudio.com.au/ or phone: 02 55 145 145


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