Running a small business can be pretty challenging. Particularly over the last couple of years where uncertainty has run fairly rife, and we’ve all had to embrace the art of changing plans at the drop of a hat.

Something that Christine Khor strongly believes is that if we are tapped into a strong sense of purpose, a compelling mission and vision or a why, we actually manage to push through the challenges more successfully.

When we can inspire others with our purpose, we tackle these challenges with more support.

In this episode Christine and I talk about how as marketers, it’s our role to communicate this purpose. And there’s a few ways that we can do this, including strategically partnering with another organisation that aligns with your purpose.

If you are interested in attending The Hunger Project Immersion weekend in May 2022, then you can find out more about it and express your interest here https://join.thp.org.au/event/victorian-leadership-weekend

If you would like to get in touch with Christine, you can email her chris@peeplcoach.com  or phone her 0438 833 543 or check her out online: www.peeplcoach.com  and  https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinekhor/


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