Out of all of the marketing and advertising channels that small business have available to them, social media is the channel that I geek out on the most.

There are so many reasons why I think social media is such a high performing, cost-effective communication channel for small business. There’s so much that you achieve with it.

And while the good majority of small businesses are using Facebook and Instagram to some degree, there are few who are leveraging the full power of these channels.

AND there are some seriously underutilised social media channels such as YouTube that small businesses could be leveraging.

So to help motivate you to really explore what else you could be achieving in the social media space, we are going to delve into the opportunities that social media marketing presents for small business with James Fitzgerald, the Executive Director of Programing and founder of SMK: which stands for Social Media Knowledge.

SMK is a specialist learning and development organisation with unrivalled expertise in assisting companies with digital transformation. SMK exists to help businesses use social media, mobile and digital channels more effectively.

Leading over 100 full day social media, mobile, digital and content marketing training courses in Asia Pacific every year, SMK courses are attended by thousands of senior marketing and communications professionals from the world’s leading brands, agencies and organisations.

James is like a walking and talking social media fact machine. He literally knows everything about social media and boy-oh-boy does he share some nuggets in this interview so make sure you grab your pen and paper.

Topics that we talk about include; which social media channels present what opportunities, the difference of results between posting videos on Facebook versus YouTube, why YouTube is a social media channel that may actually be a very relevant consideration for small businesses. We talk about the importance of diversification of your digital channels and what marketing objectives you can be achieving using the various channels.

If you would like to find out more about the Digital Excellence program that James talk about in this episode, click here.

You can also connect with James on LinkedIn here.

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