Listening is such an important all-round life skill, but it’s also a skill that can exponentially help you achieve greatness with your marketing.

If you ask the right people the right questions and then take the time to really listen to the answers and insight that they provide, you can save yourself a lot of guessing when it comes to how to perfectly market to your target audience.

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Podcast Transcript:

Jane Hillsdon:

Hello, and welcome to the very first episode of How to do Marketing Snack Time. So very pleased that you can join me to kick off our snackable series. I’d like to open up with a piece of advice around being curious and being curious with your target audience. So essentially I have three kids they’re all at school. And I reckon my biggest piece of advice to them is always ask questions until you know the answers. And if you have children, you know, that sometimes with kids and sometimes as adults, we’ll want to ask the question. And for some reason we kind of won’t cause we won’t feel it’s appropriate. Or we kind of just don’t ever think to ask the question, even though we don’t know an answer to something. And so a lot of the time my kids will come home from school and they’ll say, Mum, you know, I just don’t understand this concept.

And I’ll say, well, why didn’t you ask the teacher, you know, whatever reason. And so I say, well, you know, that’s what the teachers are there for. You’ve got to you, if you want to know the answer to something you’ve got to ask. Now, when I switch hats to a marketing consultant and when I’m working with small businesses, so many times, you know, I’ll hear small businesses kind of ask questions out loud about their target audience. Well, I wonder what social media platform I’m on wonder, you know, what interests them on social media. I wonder if they would pay this price, you know, I’m just not sure that, that they would appreciate this, or I don’t know whether they would value this or I don’t know what magazines they would read you know, I don’t know. And my piece of advice would be exactly the same to you as a small business owner, as it is to my kids, you know, ask questions until, you know the answers and that applies to your target audience. In my experience, people genuinely like to be asked questions. People really appreciate someone else being interested in them. And then there’s people who really enjoy giving their opinions to people. But you know, when you’re asked a question, as long as it’s a, not an annoying question or a stupid question, or you’re not asking someone at an inconvenient time of day, but if you’ve got the opportunity, if you don’t know an answer about your customer, if you don’t know info enough information about your target audience, to be able to kind of make a good decision with your business or your marketing, ask them, and you know, this could be some formal customer research, you could ask, a group of your existing customers or even a group of people that, represent who your potential target audience might be.

You might send an online survey, you might use your Facebook poll in a group. You might just go out to, to your personal Facebook feed. If you think that there’s going to be some people in there that represent your target audience you can pick up the phone to people that you think might represent your target audience, or pick up the phone to existing customers, to kind of work out how they think. And some of the behaviors that they have that might give you clues as to how your target audience think or behave. And once we know the answers to these questions, we can confidently make marketing decisions, you know? Yes, sometimes we will always need to kind of have that mindset where we encourage and accept that we need to trial and error, you know, do a little bit of trial and error when we try things for the first time.

But isn’t it so much more I guess it’s so much more refreshing and you have so much more confidence investing in something, if you’re pretty certain that it’s going to work, because you’ve actually gone out and asked the question and you have enough answers to be able to kind of back yourself to make a decision. So I can’t emphasize the importance enough of talking with your customers, asking them the questions. It doesn’t have to be formal research, but just, I guess, have the mindset of if I don’t know the answer to this, if I think I can get the answer to this by simply asking a question, we’ll then ask the question.



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