Facebook Advertising is an awesome tool for small business. It’s hugely cost-effective and more importantly, it delivers results!

The trouble is, not a lot of small businesses know about it. While boosting your Facebook posts is one form of Facebook advertising, it’s only a scratch on what’s actually possible using the platform.

We use Facebook Advertising a lot, not only for our business but for our clients as well. Some of the outcomes that you can achieve with Facebook Ads, are to gain email subscribers, drive online sales and of course increase the awareness of, and the engagement with, your business.

In fact, I think you can pretty much achieve success at all levels of the marketing funnel using Facebook advertising.

To help tackle the Facebook Advertising topic is a fabulous Facebook Advertising expert; Karyn Parkinson.

Karyn started her first business when she was 24. As a young, enthusiastic and inexperienced entrepreneur, she wasted over $80,000 on mainstream advertising in her first year! So she first discovered Facebook as a way to keep promoting my business when she ran out of money.

Now, through her business Unstoppable Ecommerce, she helps businesses, big and small, to run Facebook advertising funnels to grow traffic to their site and increase their bottom line.

In this chat, Karyn shares some valuable tips around how you can avoid some of the costly mistakes that she did and also how you can really optimise your use of the Facebook Advertising platform to drive big results for your business.

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