Mums are responsible for $132 billion in spending in Australia every year (GlobalData Insights, 2011).

They are the purchase decision-makers for an incredibly huge range of products and services. Mums not only purchase for themselves, they are generally the ones who are purchasing things for their kids, their husbands and even some of her extended family.

So how does your small business tap into this incredibly potent purchase power?

Enter Katrina McCarter; founder of marketing and research consultancy Marketing to Mums. Katrina is an amazing Marketing Strategist, a best-selling author, speaker and Business Advisor, who specialises in helping business owners and brand sell more effectively to the world’s most powerful consumer, Mums.

Honestly, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone else that understands the consumer behaviour of Mums better than Katrina, so of course, she has an abundance of great information to share with you all in this chat.

We talk about the value of the Mum economy to businesses, how Mums are using social media and other technology. Katrina tells us what mistakes we can avoid when it comes to marketing to Mums and touches on some of the differences between Mums based in different locations around the world. Plus, one of Katrina’s latest research projects was around how Mums are feeling and what they are getting up to in isolation and she generously shares some of her key findings of her ISOMUMs report.

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