Content marketing is a terminology that can sometimes be a little ambiguous. It refers to words, images, videos and voice that you use to communicate the message for your brand. And while ‘content marketing’ seems to have emerged as a marketing terminology around the same time that digital marketing channels increased our communication options as brands – it does actually refer to the content that you produce for both offline and online.

The rates of consumption of social media (i.e. hours and hours of every day) has meant that a lot of small businesses have felt immense pressure to just get content out there to stay in the content race. Content for the sake of content.

In this episode, we are going to hear why that is not a good approach to your content marketing from the fabulous Zeina Khodr.

Zeina is the Founder and the Managing Director of strategic communications and marketing agency; Paper and Spark. Her experience is pretty amazing and spans digital and social media, content marketing, advertising and publishing, business consulting, product management, strategic marketing and brand development.

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