Personal branding is often underestimated or shied away from by small business owners. For some, it might feel like ‘shameless self-promotion’. For others, the idea of a personal brand may not have even crossed your mind.

However, as Personal Branding Specialist; Emma Lovell points out, the fact is, we all have a personal brand whether we like it or not. People have an opinion and a perception of who we are and what role we play in our business. So the question really is, do you control this narrative and pro-actively ensure that your personal brand is what it should be? Or, do you just leave it to chance?

Through her business Lovelly Communications; Emma helps small business owners to better communicate their message and their mission to have a greater impact, reach more people and really make a difference in the world. She’s passionate, professional and ‘Lovelly’. Emma believes that each of us has a unique personal brand and by understanding how to share it, you can gain greater clarity, confidence and connections in work and life.

In this episode, Emma explains how creating a personal brand can amplify (or detract from) your business opportunities.

If you would like to get in contact with Emma, you can reach out and connect via any of her social channels listed below.

Facebook: LovellyCommunications
Instagram: @lovellyem
Linkedin: Emma Lovell
Twitter: @Lovellyinc

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