A beautiful product that fills a gap in the market is always going to be much easier to convince people to buy. Ensure that product is priced correctly and it is easy for your customer to get their hands on and it becomes even easier to influence people to not only buy the product, but to start talking about it.

When your product hits the spot with your customers in this way, the promotion (marketing and advertising) that you invest in to tell people about this product is going to be significantly more effective.

Conversely, if your product or service has not been created with your customer in mind, it is over or underpriced and hard for customers to get hold of, your marketing spend will be incredibly expensive and most likely largely ineffective.

Sarah Shepherd launched women’s sleepwear brand Hybernate in late 2018 with her business partner, Abby Badman. Before this, Sarah was working in corporate marketing. Growing up with entrepreneurial parents, she always knew she wanted to start her own business one day. Now Hybernate is only 18 months old and is experiencing fast growth and an incredibly loyal customer base.

Her success can be put down to the meticulous planning that she and Abby devoted to getting the product, price, place and promotion just right.

You can find Hybernate on Instagram here. Or the website is here.


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