I’m a total fangirl of my guest today. In my opinion, her marketing is some of the best out there. For years, I have watched on in awe as Pip Brett, the creative mind behind popular homewares and clothing store Jumbled, has grown her amazing business both online and off.

Every marketing and brand touchpoint that I have with her business inspires to want to be part of her tribe. And because she has such amazing marketing, I buy stuff from her all of the time. And that, my friend, is exactly what great small business marketing is all about!

As her business has evolved over the years, Pip has cleverly introduced different marketing channels and innovative approaches to her creative. And every time she does, she nails it! Pip has amassed over 126 thousand Instagram followers, she sends bi-weekly emails, she produces a podcast, her website is amazing and she is also a huge fan of creating marketing and business partnerships.

In this episode, she generously shares her approach to all of these marketing channels.

What I love most about Pip’s marketing content that she creates for Jumbled is how much energy and passion it exudes. It’s infectious. Pip also lets us in on how she manages to create this and how it has ultimately led to her building one of regional Australia’s best retail success stories.

You can find Pip and Jumbled Online here:


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