One of the single biggest challenges that I see small business owners facing when it comes to publishing thought-leadership content is fear.

Fear of saying the wrong thing
Fear of being judged by your contemporaries
Fear of seeming to be unprofessional
Fear of looking like a shameless self-promoter
Fear of ‘annoying’ people by showing up in people’s feed too often
Fear of creating too much work for yourself by positioning yourself as the key person in your business
Fear of no-one responding to your content

I see you and I get it. However, there are things that we can do to ensure that your greatest fears about getting yourself out there on the public stage that is social media, are not realised.

In this episode, I address all of the above fears and how you can overcome these with a switch of mindset, a reality check or actions that will ensure your content marketing only helps to position your business and your personal brand in a positive light.


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