Last year, COVID managed to wipe out the revenue streams for businesses whose products and services relied upon face to face delivery.

Leonie Cutts, a professional facilitator and coach, and co-founder of a business called CCS Corporation was one of these businesses.

One of the products that she has co-developed is the Compatibility Communication System (CCS), a communication tool that helps create open and honest communication, and has been used by thousands of trainers, coaches and learning experts around the world.

However, the use of this tool was primarily restricted to being used in face to face sessions with groups of business people.

So with this blow to her businesses revenue stream, Leonie new that she had to do something differently.

She had always had marketing in the back of her mind as she was working on her business, but there had never really been a catalyst or a compelling reason to invest in it. She wasn’t really sure what it involved and she really didn’t want to waste any time or money in something that wasn’t going to directly impact her bottom line.

Fast-forward to today and Leonie has a fantastic content marketing system in place that truly leverages her strengths and her passions.

As a result, she is increasing her visibility, growing her connections and her community and through all of this, demonstrating her expertise and how people can use her products to facilitate honest and open communication.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Leonie about her transition from being really hesitant to invest in marketing, to now embracing the opportunity, having fun with it and having complete clarity about how what she is doing in this space, will ultimately affect her businesses bottom line.

If you would like to get in touch with Leonie, you can find her here:

Website: https://ccs.cards/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leonie-cutts-15772840/


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