Cathy Burke believes that leadership potential rests within every person, every community and every organisation. It just needs to be activated. Cathy works with people in organisations throughout the world to help them develop a leaders mindset.

In her previous life as Australian CEO and Global Vice President of The Hunger Project, Cathy transformed mindsets and developed leaders as the foundation of her work in villages around the world. Even in the most difficult conditions, time and again people without anything were able to tap into the power of their mindset to achieve remarkable outcomes in their communities.

In this season where we are revealing what goes on behind the scenes in the work that we do, I thought it pertinent to talk about some of the personal development that I have done recently that supports my growth as a human but also as a business owner and of course within my profession as a marketer.

Recently, I have felt that any stagnation, or any hurdles that were facing me in my profession and in my business, were not necessarily due to a lack of business and marketing skills, they have been due to a lacking mindset.

I recently completed Cathy’s Rising program and I am now aware of the significant role of mindset. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say, that in hindsight, if I knew then what I know now, I would not even bother spending any money on any of the many other professional development programs I have done until I got my mindset in the right spot.

In this episode, Cathy beautifully explains the role that mindset can play to help you lead a bigger life.

You can find more about Cathy’s Rising Program and her books on her website which is here: https://www.cathyburke.com/


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