Without our customers, we don’t have a business, so it makes sense that we should make the effort to occasionally check in with them to make sure they are happy campers.

Otherwise how on earth do we know if we are delivering an experience that has them singing our praises from the rooftop or if we perhaps have room for improvement?

Customer research is more than just understanding how satisfied they are. If we truly turn the curiosity spotlight onto our customers, we can start to really understand what their pain points and desires are and how as a business we are able to position ourselves as a solution to those challenges and aspirations.

Customer research can also be used to help decide where to invest your marketing dollar by finding out what other alternatives your customer has and also where they spend time. No point investing in radio if you find out the majority of your customers don’t listen to it!

Plus, my guest Rob MacDougall reveals how companies will see a marked increase or decrease in their bottom line when they pay attention to (or don’t) to what their customers have to say.

So who is Rob?

Rob MacDougall is the CEO for a company called TLF Research for the Asia Pacific Region. TLF Research is a global specialist in customer satisfaction and loyalty research. Globally they conduct over 500 satisfaction research studies each year in all business and public sectors.

Rob has been involved in the research field for over twenty years. His passion is about understanding the voice of the customer and he is the co-author of the book ‘How to Measure Customer Satisfaction’, published by Gower.

So I thought I would turn the curiosity spotlight on Rob to find out exactly what small business owners should be doing when it comes to customer research.

If you would like to find out more about Rob, you can connect with him on LinkedIn or check out his business; TLF Research here.

Join other like-minded small business owners and Jane in the conversation about all things marketing in the How to do Marketing Facebook Group.

Or connect with Jane here – https://www.linkedin.com/in/janehillsdon/

PS We talk about Net Promoter Score (or NPS) a bit in this interview. If you were keen to find out a little more about NPS and how it can lead to greater profitability, you can read a research report prepared by Mark Ritson about NPS use in Australia. The report was written some time ago, however, the points it makes are still very relevant today.

You can access that by clicking here.


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