Rachel Corbett knows a thing or two about how to create a podcast. She has been knee-deep in audio for almost twenty years.

Before heading out on her own to start Podschool; an online program that teaches people how to create a podcast, Rachel was Head of Podcasts for Mamamia where she grew the podcast network from 15 to over 35 shows (including Lady Startup), and the audience to over 1 million unique listeners a month and over 90 million downloads which is more than quadruple where it was when she started.

In this episode of The How to do Marketing Show Rachel shares all of her podcast knowledge and experience with us. We talk about:

> How to create content that your target audience will love to listen to
> How to grow your audience beyond your friends and family
> How often you should publish a podcast
> How many episode downloads you should be aiming for
> How to monetise your podcast

If you have ever thought about adding podcasting to help you to differentiate your brand, attract new audiences or to strengthen the relationship with your tribe, this is definitely an episode worth listening to.

For more information about Rachel Corbett’s Podschool, click here.
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