Marketing partnerships are completely underrated. As a tactic, a partnership with another business who shares the same target audience but does not compete with you to help you both achieve your goals makes brilliant and economic sense.

Katrina McCarter is a partnerships guru. She has been taking a partnerships first approach to her marketing for a very long time and my goodness has she achieved some success with this!

In this episode, I ask her all about how small business owners may be able to strike up and use these partnerships to achieve some of their own marketing success.

We cover off:

  • Exactly what a marketing partnership is
  • The benefits that marketing partnerships can bring to your business
  • Some examples of successful marketing partnerships
  • The recommended criteria to look out for when forming a marketing partnership
  • The mistakes to avoid with marketing partnerships
  • And how to measure the success of marketing partnerships

Partnership Mastery program details: https://partnershipmastery.global/

You can find Katrina McCarter here:






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