When a customer wants to know more about your business, one of the most common things they will do is search for your business on Google. Or, if someone is searching Google with an intent to find out more about a certain product or service that you offer, hopefully, they’ll come across your website.

In this episode, I pick the brains of Ollie Brooke, website developer and founder of Cloud Concepts.

Ollie has been helping small business owners build websites for years and honestly, the topic of websites is so huge we could publish a whole season of content specifically about this topic. And also, the importance of having a good website for your business can sometimes quite frankly be a bit overlooked!

So in this episode, I ask Ollie to explain the definition of a good website. And what are some of the biggest mistakes that he sees small business owners make with their website? What strategic considerations do we need to think about? And how do we measure if our website is performing in a way that adds value to our business?

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