Are you stuck for marketing ideas for 2022?
Well then, this episode has got you covered!

At the conclusion of 2021, I was reflecting on all of marketing planning, implementation and measurement that we had done for our clients.

In 2021, I put together 15 comprehensive small business marketing strategies, we implemented countless successful marketing campaigns and we measured hundreds and thousands of marketing metrics.

From this work, we extracted exactly what we did with each project to create high impact marketing on a small budget.

We came up with a list of 50 things.

There’s so many ideas and fantastic tips and tricks – probably too many for you to note down with a pen and paper. Instead, you can download our list of ‘Fifty things you can do to create high impact marketing on a small budget’ to help you with your 2022 marketing planning today. Simply click on this link: https://www.howtodomarketing.com.au/fiftythings


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