When was the last time you looked at your Google Analytics to see how much traffic is going to your website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Or perhaps the question is, have you ever looked at your Google Analytics?

I speak to many business owners who have vaguely or never heard of Google Analytics (GA) and if they have, they are not in the habit of checking it regularly.

So what is GA and why is it important for small business owners to know about?

What is Google Analytics?

GA is a free web analytics software offered by Google that tracks and reports on website traffic.

How do I get Google Analytics?

You can either hook it up yourself but I would recommend just asking your web developer to do it for you. Hopefully your web developer will have set this up for you when they first developed your website.

If not, no problems, they can very quickly and easily set it up for you now, however it will only capture the data going forward. That is, you won’t be able to retrieve any historical data.

How often should I monitor Google Analytics?

We monitor GA for clients on a monthly basis. We compare month on month data with year on year data.

If we have a particular campaign in market, for example Google AdWords or a Facebook Advertising campaign, we may check more regularly to see how the campaign is tracking.

What should I look for in my Google Analytics?

There are so many cool things that GA can tell you about how people interact with your website. However, the main numbers you need to look at are:

Unique Users – how many unique people (or users) have visited your website in a particular period.

Bounce Rate – This is where someone lands on your website and then immediately ‘bounces’ straight off again. This usually means they arrived there by accident.

Pages /Sessions – This tells you how many pages on average your website visitors look at when they are on your website.

Ave Session Duration – This is on average how long people are sticking around on your website.

Why should I monitor Google Analytics regularly?

GA provides you with a key metric to help you understand if your marketing is working or not.

It’s not just digital activity that can affect your website traffic. We’ll notice spikes in traffic when we have had a print ad or a radio campaign active as well.

Any exposure to your brand can lead to people searching for your business online. Even if they have heard about your business from a friend at a BBQ on the weekend, the next step in their journey will be to Google you and check out your website, even if it’s just to get your phone number.

So this is just one way to measure if your marketing is working. One important way. What are your thoughts on Google Analytics? Have you used it for?


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