At Dragonfly Marketing, we know what creating content for social media is really about. And the truth is, it’s not all about your business, and more about your customers.

The goal is to create content that speaks to your ideal customer. You know, the one’s that love you, talk about you, rave about you, dream about you and spend all of their hard earned cash with you.


You see, social media starts with understanding who your customers are, what they value and what problems your product or services solve for them.

Content Creation

Creating interesting and relevant content that your customers what to engage with is important. Whether it’s telling your brand story through an explainer video, writing a blog article or creating a podcast, we have content marketing down pat.


From there we like to amplify the content. Remember that ideal customer of yours, we’ll get your content in front of them.  Whether via paid advertising on Facebook, in search or local media – we’ve got that covered too.


However, creating and amplifying social content doesn’t just end there. We like to measure its effectiveness at achieving your business goals. Is it leading to more sales, enquiries or phone calls? Are more people talking about you, visiting your website or following you online? Whatever it is, we track it, measure it and optimise it.

Then, after a hard day’s work implementing social media strategies we go home and watch our favourite TV shows, consume breaking news, chat to our friends and trawl the inner webs on multiple screens, all at the same time. We’re not new-age, just mainstream like your customers, and we get it.

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