Newman Senior Technical College

Posted on 22nd December, 2015 | Comments Off on Newman Senior Technical College

Newman Senior Technical College

The Brief

Newman Senior Technical College engaged Dragonfly Marketing to plan and implement their student enrolment campaign for 2016.

The primary objectives of the Open Night Campaign Plan were to:

  1. Gain 500+ people to attend Open Night on 21 July 2015
  2. Gain 200 enrolments as a result of Open Night
  3. Increase awareness of Newman College amongst target students and families, and position Newman College as a leading provider of vocational education and training.

The Action

First and foremost Dragonfly Marketing developed an integrated marketing campaign plan which outlined the proposed strategies and activities that we recommended were needed to achieve their marketing objectives.

Newman Senior Technical CollegeThe enrolment campaign consisted of a plan including online and offline marketing activities  – TV, Radio, Print, e-DM, Web Enhancements, and Social Media Marketing and Advertising – focused on maximum exposure for the College’s Open Night on 21 July 2015. There was also a dedicated media and public relations plan in place to secure positive publicity on a week by week basis for the College.


The Result

Newman Senior Technical College achieved well over 500 attendees to their Open Night. This number exceeded previous year’s attendance and led to a 65% conversion rate of attendance to enrolment interviews.

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