By Georgia Mitchell, Yr 10 Work Experience Student

It’s in the name. Social media is meant for being social.

Social media is undeniably an integral part of our evolving world. With 3.196 billion people around the globe being active social media users, the vast reach of the online world is incredible, and if used correctly can engage and connect millions.

The opportunities and uses are endless, and with a growing number of people using social media consistently and more frequently, the social media industry is thriving.

From a business perspective, promoting and selling your products and improving the awareness for your business from a screen sounds ideal.

With social media flourishing, it would only make sense to utilise what it offers to bigger and better your business. Post a picture, paste a link or write an article and likes and comments will come rolling in and your business is prosperous and successful. It all sounds too easy! Right?

Wrong. There is so much more to social media than what is seen on the surface. Despite being identified as a simple way to promote your business, posting content that isn’t appealing or catching the attention of your customers will drive away potential interest and create an unwanted image for your brand.

You should also take into consideration what is important to your customers, both current and potential, and not just focus on serving your business’ objective. Whilst promotion is important, your customers are even more significant in your success, because what’s a business without any customers?

The content you are posting for your customers has to contain and maintain a balance. You want to provide valuable information on the services and/or products you provide, and impress your customers with your outstanding knowledge on what you do. Yet too many words can be overwhelming and cause a loss of interest on your page, losing customers and money.

The way you approach social media is vital in the success or failure of your business, and the trick is simply to create outstanding content. But how do you know what is going to intrigue your audience enough to read more? What is going to get your customers to engage with your business?

Jay Baer knows the secret to success. “Email and social media have an important part to play in the conversation between company and consumer. They are strategically, operationally, and tactically aligned – or if they aren’t, they should be.”

Social media was created to engage with others, and it’s critically important you do just that.

The social media platforms you use play a role in engagement and can assist in your business flourishing. There is a wide variety to select from, all of which have different functions that are extremely efficient to incorporate in your business promotion.

You can have a Facebook and Instagram page, a LinkedIn profile and a Snapchat account, but what’s the use if you aren’t using them effectively and receiving engagement from your customers?

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are definitely the more credited social medias, with 2.2 billion and 800 million monthly users consecutively. Their structure allows you to post photos and videos, and in Facebook’s case type posts and share links, which are then seen by your followers. Being two of the most popular social media platforms, the potential reach and power for your business is extensive.

Forms of social media platforms can be stereotyped to different demographics, although this preconceived idea needs to be broken down to allow businesses to fully utilise all social media platforms they can access.

Snapchat has over 173 million users daily, and is an extremely captivating platform. It is catered towards the younger demographic, yet businesses can definitely use it to promote and engage effectively.

On the other hand, LinkedIn is a platform predominately used by people in the workforce, as it is professionally designed for the business community. LinkedIn is a perfect example of being social and connecting with consumers, as it’s sole purpose is to help people network professionally using LinkedIn as a business and personal branding tool to seek growth and connections.

All these social medias, whilst designed and catered to different uses and users, all link back to the same thing. They all require content that provokes social interaction. Knowing the tips and tricks to creating interesting content is the key to success and prosperity for your social media marketing efforts. Here are 4 tips to creating great content:

  1. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with endless amounts of boring text and useless information. Keeping it brief yet comprehensive will allow the maximum amount of information to be accessed about your business without anyone losing interest.
  2. This being said, visual posts do noticeably better in comparison to text, so adding in colours and pictures can potentially do a lot more for your content.
  3. You also need to be aware of your audience and voice as a business. Knowing exactly what you want to be known as and who is going to want to purchase or immerse themselves in your business is vital, as these are the foundations to a business.
  4. Keeping true to your business and posting honest content is also important and will create customer loyalty.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to being social. Social media, connecting with customers, and engaging content. The best content will come from working with your customers to ensure you are providing them what they want, and what is important to them.

Turning the simplicity of social media into an intricate part of your work is a beneficial choice for any business, as social media isn’t fading away any time soon. It is a part of our world that connects us together and shares our progress. Start creating content the world wants to see.


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