We’re human. No matter how much you deny it, we judge how people look, we judge how animals look, we judge architecture, we judge practically every tangible object on earth on how it looks. We judge a book by its cover.

I’m sure if you delved into the psychology as to why humans do this it would have something to do with keeping us alive. But I’m not a psychologist and that’s not what this blog article is about.

What this article is about is your businesses brand. Which is essentially the face of your business. And, if your potential customers are human, then your brand is absolutely subject to judgement.

Your brand touchpoints by the way extend way beyond the creativity of your logo. Your brand permeates through any touchpoint that people have with your organisation. Be it via your print advertising, your store front, the car you have stickered, your website, your social channels, the people you employ – basically any experience or exposure that people get to your business affects how people will think about you.

So with these brand touchpoints in mind, here are just some of the potential judgements people could be making about a business:

“I can barely read that sign it has so much text on it and is so faded, it has obviously not been done professionally. What else haven’t they done professionally?”

“That is such a masculine image & logo, that product must only be suitable for males.”

“Those staff look so unhappy, I don’t want to engage with them just in case it spreads”

“This print ad looks like it’s promoting company x, but the ad looks so different to company x’s website, they must have new owners or it could even be a different business? Oh I don’t know – it’s all too hard. Moving on.”

“I’ve Googled this company and they don’t have a website. Hmmm what does that mean? Do they exist? Have they shut down? Do they not make enough money to afford a website?”

“That logo looks like it was designed 25 years ago. This organisation is unlikely to be on top of my current day needs.”

Judgement influences a person’s decision to engage with your business or to sail on past to the next one.

So what would people say about your brand?


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