This four-week program will give you the clarity and direction for your social media marketing through strategic advice and guidance. With a substantial collection of top tips, templates and best practice advice, you can be positive that once you have completed this program you will have the confidence to build your audience, create influential content and increase your leads and sales.

Program Details

Duration: 4 weeks (4 X 2 Hour Sessions)

Where: Face-to-Face (Port Macquarie Only) or Online (Video Connection – Skype/Zoom)

Cost: $1,497 +GST

Program Sessions



  • Identify your business goals
  • Set your social media marketing objectives
  • Define your target market
  • Set your social media goals
  • Set your budget
  • Establish measurement metrics
  • Define your unique selling point and the key messages we need to communicate



  • Optimise your social media profiles to increase your chances of converting visitors to followers and gaining visibility on Google
  • Ensure your channel URL’s have been secured and optimised
  • Conduct a landscape analysis (check out your competition)
  • Review and assess your Page insights and post history to understand who is in your community and what content they engage with



  • Source and create inspiring content that will add value to your community
  • Maximise your opportunities to get the best organic reach in the news feed
  • Use tools such as & to customise your own content and track the results
  • Learn how and when to use hashtags and page tagging



  • Use this highly targeted and cost effective platform to communicate your message, build brand awareness
  • How to increase your community, promote your event, increase your leads and sales, gain subscribers and compliment other marketing activities
  • How and when to use the different style of Ad campaigns
  • How to use the targeting functionality to ensure you are talking to your relevant audience
  • How to set up the creative for basic Ad campaigns
  • Best practice advertising tips and tricks

The Social Media Accelerator Program will:

1. Provide you with the tools and templates that you need to streamline your social media efforts.

2. Show you strategies to simplify your approach and leverage your best opportunities

3. Show you how to get the right content in front of the right people at the right time.

4. Show you how to leverage the Facebook Ad platform to drive traffic to your website, collect email addresses and make sales

The 4 Week Program

This program has been designed to give you the strategic advice and guidance you need to achieve clarity in direction for your social media marketing.

With a substantial collection of top tips, templates and best practice advice, you can be positive that once you have completed this program you will have the confidence to build your audience, create influential content and increase your leads and sales.

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Who are Dragonfly Marketing?

Social Media Training that gets results

“We chose to complete the Dragonfly Marketing Social Media Acceleration Program as we wanted to make sure that we had access to professional social media tools to complement our brand.”

“We have always used social media personally but now we have completed the program we can see how it can work for us in a positive way for our business. The Social Media Acceleration Program has helped us connect with more potential clients and opened our eyesto see the potential that we have to increase the value that we offer our clients. It will be an exciting addition to our magazine.”

“We recommend that anyone sitting on the fence about social media, who is not sure how to go about using this as a marketing tool or who is posting and not getting any great results, take this program.”

Lucy Kowalewski, Discover Magazine

A 4-week program to show you how to harness the power of social media marketing.

(2 hour  X  4 sessions)

$1,497 +gst

Session 1
Social Media Strategy Development For Your Business
Session 2
Optimise Your Social Media Footprint So Customers Find You
Session 3
Create Content That Drives Results
Session 4
Get The Most Out Of Facebook Advertising

Six Social Media Help Guides And Templates To Use in Your Business (valued at $99)
Exclusive access to a private Facebook Group where you can engage, learn and improve alongside other like-minded business owners who have undertaken the program.

We will set up a video conference link so you can have your live one-on-one sessions where ever you’re located in Australia.

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$1,497 +gst

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