Lawrence Built

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Lawrence Built

The Brief

Dragonfly Marketing was engaged by Lawrence Built to develop a marketing game plan that would help position them as a professional outfit of local builders who delivered quality results for their clients and to help drive qualified leads to their business.

The Execution

As a result of the marketing strategy we developed for Lawrence Built we were able to identify several communication touch points where we could gain impact with our target audience. We started with updating their website from a basic information site to a hub of information and helpful tips for clients.

We developed and executed a print advertising campaign that focused on demonstrating owner and builder Scott Lawrence’s expertise.

To help encourage a bit of word of mouth in the geographical areas that Lawrence Built were building within, we developed a savvy little postcard which informed neighbours of a property near them that had just been Lawrence Built!

One of the most successful tactics of the campaign though has definitely been the Lawrence Built Facebook page.

Generating page likes and post engagement for brands that involve once (or twice) -in-a-lifetime purchases is never easy. The Dragonfly team are much more focused on building genuine communities of people who are interested in what you have to say. We focus on quality over quantity and engagement levels as we believe this is what leads to building relationships and sales.

Our social media landscape analysis (fancy marketing speak for Facebook snoop) also identified that we would have to take a slightly disruptive and differentiated approach in our story telling to make the required impact with our target audience.

The Result

In 9 months we have grown the Lawrence Built Facebook community by 300%. The post engagement level is always healthy and the word-of-mouth that our Facebook activity has generated has been prolific. The campaign created local buzz and best of all – the phone has been ringing and the team are booked up for the next 12 months!!

The Testimonial

“I felt confident approaching Dragonfly Marketing to help us with our marketing as I had seen some of their articles in Focus Magazine and I liked the feel of the way they marketed their clients.

After having some involvement with a large marketing agency in Newcastle (which I wasn’t happy with) I approached Dragonfly as I knew Jane was local and would have an understanding of our target market. I got the impression that she would take a youthful, motivated and creative approach to our marketing.

We wanted to get help with our marketing to build our brand awareness locally and to get the phone ringing with a constant stream of enquiries.  I knew from the very first meeting with Jane that Dragonfly Marketing was the right choice for us.

Dragonfly Marketing provided us with a constructive marketing plan that included clear goals, recommended activity and proposed expenses. As a result of implementing this marketing plan we received increased brand exposure, an increase in word-of-mouth marketing and a consistent flow of phone call and email enquiries. The Dragonfly Marketing team also provided us with a personal and reliable service.”

Vanessa Lawrence, Lawrence Built

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