Article 1 – Facebook Page Audit

Well it’s that time again folks. Back to work to face a new calendar year. This thought may be met with excitement or trepidation, or both, as you wonder and plan for all that lays ahead for you in 2019.

For those of us back at our desks with our new year enthusiasm in check, this potentially quiet time of year can present the perfect opportunity to run through a little marketing audit of all of your brand touch points. After all, we want to set ourselves up for success this year, right?

In fact, I just did this very activity. I’m not proud to admit this, but as a marketing consultant who is often busily marketing on behalf of other businesses, sometimes my own marketing is overlooked.

I just realised that I had not updated my Facebook cover image and thumbnail profile since celebrating my 10 year anniversary 18 months ago! Oooopppsss K

Of course, it’s likely that you will have many brand touch points and marketing channels to review so I am going to include the suggested audits over a series of articles in January. That should provide you with at least one week between each article to work your way through the checklist. Your welcome. J

So if you are feeling that let’s-get-in-a-good-position-to-smash-2019-out-of-the-ballpark vibe, then my first round of audit suggestions are for your Facebook Page.

Facebook Page Check

Thumbnail Image: Is this a clear and recent version of your business logo? Ideally it will be an icon that is easy for people to identify even when they see it in their mobile news feed when it’s about the size of an ant!

Cover Photo: Does your cover photo tell a good story. Is it a compelling image that demonstrates what your brand is all about?

About Us & Our Story: Have you completed these sections on your page? Are they up to date with correct information and do they include some relevant keywords? This is the one section of your Facebook presence that Googles indexes, so keywords and relevance here can bring you greater visibility in Google searches.

Facebook Reviews: How are these looking for your business? Do you have any? How recent are they? What’s the general sentiment? Are they generally positive or negative? Is there any insight that you can gleam from these? Is there an opportunity to go out to your tribe and ask for them to contribute some more reviews?

Facebook Posts: When was the last time you posted out some content? Maybe this is a good time to review your previous posts via your Insights panel and really notice which posts resonated with your followers and which posts bombed. This can help with your planning for this year’s posts. Hint: look for the posts that generated a healthy level of engagement. These are the posts that the Facebook platform will award by granting you more visibility.

Facebook Ads: How well are you using the Ad platform. There is so much more you can do than just boost posts.

Facebook Ad Audiences: Facebook have been on a big push to encourage us to use custom audiences and look-a-like audiences recently. The skeptical me thinks this is because they want us to upload our data (website hits and email addresses) so they can use it. The optimistic, sunny-side-up-me, believes them when they say that this will bring better ad results. If you are a small business based in a regional town, this is not necessarily the case – and that’s a whole extra blog post right there!

Video: Have you been making good use of video to date? Video content seriously thrives on most social channels. Perhaps you can incorporate more of this into your content planning for 2019.

Messages: How diligent are you when it comes to responding to your pages Facebook messages? More and more people are choosing to contact businesses via this channel now. If this is something that you find hard to monitor, then just switch on your autoresponder with a customised message that points them to the phone number or email address you would rather them use to contact you.

Updating your Facebook profile and planning out your content for both 2019 as well as the next month, will put you in the best possible position to really leverage this channel.

If there are gaps in your knowledge or you feel you could be doing things better, perhaps consider investing in some professional development to ensure that you can bring your best to your marketing efforts this year.

Stay tuned for next week’s marketing audit checklist where we will review our LinkedIn profile.


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