Instagram Ads Made Easy

Posted on 8th December, 2015 | Comments Off on Instagram Ads Made Easy

Instagram Ads Made EasyIf you are an Instagram tragic like myself you may have noticed a few more ‘sponsored’ posts appearing in your Instagram news feed.

Brands have been able to advertise on Instagram for quite a while now but it was really only being used by the bigger brands and for we small businesses; it wasn’t that easy to organise.

But now, it’s available to us all via Facebook Ads and I for one am loving it!

For those of you that don’t know, Instagram is owned by Facebook (Facebook purchased the photo filter app for $1million back in 2013) so it was only a matter of time before we started to see commercial integration between the two platforms.

As usual, there were no real warnings that Facebook Ads now included the Instagram advertising function. I just went to set up an Ad campaign one day and to my delight, there it was.

So of course the first thing I did was reset an Ad campaign that I was running for a client who we are currently using Facebook Advertising to increase their sales (with much success). We are also in the process of trying to build an Instagram presence for them. Perfect.

The Ad campaign was super simple to set up. I simply followed all the steps I am used to following to set up a ‘website clicks’ campaign. It then gave me the option to add a related Instagram account (enter username and password for relevant Instagram account) and voila.

It then showed me how my ads were going to look in all the various Facebook configurations and it included an Instagram ad preview as well. Way too easy to set up!!

The ad campaign has been running for about a week now andĀ I had to hunt around to find the specific results for the Instagram ads. I ended up finding it here: (‘Filters’ Placement’ and then ‘Instagram’). The reach figures (people who saw the ad) were impressive – although nowhere near as high as the Facebook reach figures. The actions taken as a result of people seeing the Ad were not so impressive.

As our objective with the Instagram ad is to build our Instagram followers, we want actions to be taken so I’m going to experiment a little bit more with the imagery used for this ad.

Having said that. I don’t think the Instagram community is as tolerant to advertising as the Facebook community. Sponsored ads are quite new in Instagram and it has been such a pure (ad free) environment to date, I’m not sure how people will react to ads appearing in their InstagramĀ feed initially.

I believe it will be like any advertising though; as long as the ads are targeting the right audience, are utilising engaging imagery and content and have something of interest to the Instagram user, they should perform well.

The other consideration with this campaign is that the Facebook Advertising component of the ad set is performing brilliantly so there is no point in changing that. Really, the Instagram activity is just a nice bonus for this campaign.

If I choose to get serious about using Instagram Ads to increase the community for this brand, I might set a specific ad campaign up just for that.

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