How Not Winning An Award Made Us Stronger

Posted on 8th December, 2015 | Comments Off on How Not Winning An Award Made Us Stronger

Photo courtesy of Port Macquarie Focus Magazine

Photo courtesy of Port Macquarie Focus Magazine

I started writing this post a little while ago. And then got distracted and didn’t finish. I wondered whether it was still topical enough  to publish this post nearly three months after the Port Macquarie Business Awards were held.

I then decided that the subject tackled in this post can be applied to many circumstances when we are striving to achieve something so I’m forging ahead with the post.

We were absolutely thrilled to achieve Finalist status in three categories at the 2015 Port Macquarie Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

We were up against some fabulous local businesses in all categories and while we didn’t win any of our categories, we were really proud of the people and businesses who did.

One of the questions you are asked in the award submission process is ‘Tell us what winning these awards would mean to your business.’

Our answer was: ‘The business awards application process provides us with the opportunity to assess our overall business as we hold a mirror up and drill down into all aspects of our operations.

We believe this process plays a vital role in helping us to identify opportunities for improvement and potential business growth.’

It’s true. The process allows us to truly reflect, analyse and gain insight into our business operations over the past 12 months. It forces us to acknowledge our achievements and our processes (or lack of :-)). It stimulates thoughts about how you could do things better.

I’ll be honest here as well. The team at Dragonfly are competitive in nature and we strive to always do our best and to always be the best. Not that Business Awards are a complete recognition as to whether you are truly succeeding in your business but they are certainly a fervent nod in that direction.

So, when we didn’t win an award, we were obviously disappointed.

But then something happened. We regrouped and we analysed the winners of the judged categories. We looked at what made them successful as businesses and as business people. We wrote down all of the characteristics of successful businesses and then sharpened our pencils.

We identified where our strengths were and where we may need some extra guidance and started to recruit a team of experts advisers to help us put together a road map to success.

Over the next couple of months we are going to be launching some pretty exciting initiatives that we believe will help us achieve business success.

So we are grateful to have had the opportunity to reflect and refocus and we simply cannot wait to see what 2016 brings.

Happy holidays everyone!


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