I am a swimmer. Every week for the past eight years (bar the month of July when the pool is closed), I swim. I swim in a social squad, I swim in a training squad, and I swim on my own.

The habit of weekly swimming is so entrenched within me now, that if a week goes by and I haven’t swum, it feels incomplete. Considering all of the swimming I do, I’m still not that fast. I swim at the same position in my squad that I started at eight years ago, down the slow end.

It frustrates me that I haven’t increased my speed. I’ve been doing it for long enough, why don’t I naturally get faster?

I want to achieve more with my swimming, but it’s only just clicked that I’ll have to do things differently if I want to take my swimming to the next level.

This realisation immediately made me think of my Small Business clients who, when they come to me initially, express that they too have reached a certain point with their marketing and now they wish to achieve more.

In order to achieve better results with my swimming, I have activated four changes in my behaviour: habit, expertise, mindset and focus.


Whether it be swimming or marketing, it’s necessary for us to embrace these elements if we wish to improve:


I have already established a regular habit of showing up to swim. However, as I mentioned before, that is not the only habit I have to master in order to achieve my swimming goals.

The other habits involve my technique. And there is a lot about my technique that is incorrect. Unfortunately, this technique has been ingrained over many years, and as a result, it’s going to take a bit of work to change these. Easier said than done.

As a Small Business owner, we sometimes have to be ubiquitous and quick-thinking in our roles.

This can mean we are, with all good intent, putting into place incorrect marketing techniques that sound good at the time but end up being quite ineffective.


In order for me to change my bad habits to get a different result, I have to apply a different mindset. I have to really want to change and then commit to actively making that change happen by doing something differently. Even when that change seems hard.

I need to set a goal and really believe that what I’m doing is going to help me achieve that goal. I need to have an open mind about the different paths that I might have to take in order to get there.

Sometimes doing something differently to the way you have always done it can be a bit scary in business. It’s important that your mind is in the right place to embrace a change that could lead to better results.

Yes, it’s a different way of doing things, and this different way will hopefully lead to the change in results that you are seeking.


When it comes to swimming, I don’t know what I don’t know. I know that I can’t get faster, but I don’t know why. I’ve never really been taught how to swim with correct technique, so I don’t even know what correct technique is!

So I called in the experts. Straight away, my Coach identified that I don’t rotate enough in the torso when I swim. I lift my right arm high and rotate to the left, however, I don’t do the same with my left arm and right rotation. I’d never even noticed this.

Now, I consciously focus on improving this one tweak, and I can already feel the difference it’s making.

As a small business owner, it’s OK to not know everything. Sometimes calling in the experts is the smartest move that we ever make.


When you have a certain technique that you have applied so often that it becomes subconscious, you have to focus really hard to consciously change that.

This requires mindfulness. Every stroke that I try to do differently to how I’ve done it before, I have to concentrate on. The moment my mind wanders, my rhythm wavers, my strength dissipates, and my result is compromised.

The moment my focus returns, I navigate myself back on track.

Do you feel that your marketing is stagnant, and you want to take it to the next level?

These techniques of setting habits, creating a mindset, harnessing expertise and applying focus could be the tweaks your business needs to elevate it to the next level.


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