Email marketing is so under-rated. And yet it can be so powerful in helping a business achieve their marketing objectives.

I can already hear you saying ‘no-one opens emails any more’, ‘people just delete them’.

Correction. No-one reads boring, self-serving, emails that are inconsiderate of their target audience. People delete emails that don’t capture their attention and are largely irrelevant.

People DO read emails that are relevant, engaging, educational, entertaining and with a thoughtful delivery schedule.

I send tonnes of emails on behalf of my clients as well as for my own business. I see the open rates (mostly ranging from 25% – 45%). I see the click-through rates. People are reading them.

And the best thing about prioritising email marketing into your marketing activity is that it can be a largely inexpensive activity. In fact, depending on your list size, it may be something that is absolutely free.

So, if you would like to consider incorporating email marketing into your marketing program, here are five ways to ensure that you engage your tribe.

  1. Know your tribe

If you have a good understanding of who your tribe are and what they are interested in you stand a good chance of creating content that will engage them.

  1. Add value

People won’t open your emails if there is nothing in it for them. As a business your objective is for your readers to buy from you. However, if we design an email that screams ‘buy from me as I need to earn money’ your readers will ignore you.

On the other hand, if you can curate a range of products and services that will genuinely interest your readers and then demonstrate how your products or services will help make your readers life way more awesome than it is now, you will guarantee yourself more click-throughs than deletes.

  1. Be considerate of your send schedule

Don’t bombard people, it’s annoying. What’s considered a bombardment? Well that will depend on your product / service and your target audience’s appetite for it. This is where you will need to test and measure a bit to establish the right formula.

  1. Customise

Use your readers first name as much as possible. Not so that it’s creepy, but so that it appears that you are writing just to them. Using someone’s first name in the email subject can be super effective. A 2015 study by Experian Marketing Services found that email subject lines that were personalised by including a name boosted open rates by 29.3%.

  1. Use visuals

Humans process visuals a lot faster than words. Our attention span is pretty limited these days as well. So if your picture can tell a thousand words – use that instead of your 1,000 words! And the odd emoji always adds a bit of fun in the subject line.

Email marketing can be such a cost-effective marketing tool when used properly. Tapping into consumer behaviour around how your tribe will engage with your email marketing efforts is always useful and this will come from building expertise in this area as well as a whole lot of testing and measuring.


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