If you are a business to consumer or B2C organisation with an aesthetically pleasing & photogenic product range that targets females within the age range of 20 – 40, you will nail it on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong, it still pays to have a strategy in place AND people dedicated to showcasing your products intelligently on these channels, it’s just that you probably won’t need to work as hard as others to attract attention on social media.

However, lets take a business to business, (B2B) organisation that sells a professional service. How can we gain cut through for them on social media given that engagement on these channel tends to be driven by highly entertaining imagery.

Typically I would recommend B2C organisations use Facebook to connect with their target audience and B2B’s focus their efforts on LinkedIn.

But guess what, Facebook is the second biggest website in Australia with over 82 million visits per week. I provide marketing services to organisations so I’m a B2B and I know my target client is on Facebook (they are people after all) and I’m sure I can reach them here. I just have to be clever about it.

I’d like to be able to empower other B2B’s to think outside the square a little here and find ways to utilise a variety of social media channels in their marketing mix.

To do this I have listed below five ways B2B organisations can be a little disruptive in their approach to visual social media channels such as Facebook:

1. Introduce the team

People can connect to a face and a background story more than they can connect to a logo or corporate document. Using Facebook or Instagram could be a great way to get some ‘real’ shots of your staff in action, accompanied by a short story about that person. And it is a story, don’t bother with the long corporate blurb. A nice short sharp anecdote delivered in conversational style. Think about what would attract your attention on Facebook.

And if you are a small business with a small team, maybe you make this about introducing your clients. People can relate to others that they aspire to be or believe are like-minded. You could essentially take testimonials or case studies to a whole new level by including some imagery of your clients either by video or ‘real’ still shots and feature these within your posts.

2. Give a glimpse behind the scenes

Most people love a good sticky-beak don’t they. At the very least, most business people are interested to see how others do it. I work on several events throughout the year. In the lead up to one particular event I will sometimes post behind the scenes shots on Facebook as we are setting up just to build a bit of excitement and anticipation.

3. Let your organisations personality shine through

No-one can connect to corporate banter. Save that for the shareholders report. On social media, you need to be social. Talk as you would in a conversation. Let the guard down a little so you can become more approachable. You may be representing your brand on social media but people don’t want to talk to a company, they want to talk to a person.

4. Tell your story, don’t sell it

It’s important to remember that social media is not a broadcast tool, it’s a two way interaction. You may have some firm objectives in mind with what you are trying to achieve with social media but I can tell you, your clients don’t care about those and they are certainly not going to engage with them on social media. All they care about is what’s in it for them?

You need to add value to your fans news feed – not sales messages.

5. Be authentic

Again, no-one using Facebook is likely to be on there searching for a good dose of BS. Show your vulnerabilities. Be real. People will trust you, admire you and feel a deeper connection to you as a person and a brand if they feel they know the real you.

If you are a B2B and are finding it hard to create content that engages with your target and helps achieve some of your marketing objectives, I’d love to help. You can subscribe here to receive The Social Dragonfly e-newsletter which hits inboxes monthly and is packed to the brim with articles such as these. Or you can contact me here if you’d like to know more about how we can help you nail your social media marketing.


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