Email marketing is a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool that can help you achieve many of your marketing objectives. Emails can be used to keep your business front of mind and nurture relationships with existing customers, drive attendance to events and to promote your products and services. In our free email marketing guide, we share key tips and tricks on how you can do this.



  • Create an email database
  • Continuously build your email database
  • Create emails that engage and convert


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“Email marketing is totally underrated. It can be so powerful in helping a business achieve its marketing objectives. In fact, I would even go as far to say that your email database stands to be one of your most valuable digital assets. In fact, recent reports show that on average email can deliver a return of $44 for every dollar spent. Amazing! However, if you want your email marketing to be truly effective though, your strategy, implementation and measurement need to be done well.”

Jane Hillsdon, Founder and Managing Director Dragonfly Marketing

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