Last year Dragonfly Marketing celebrated it’s tenth year in business. While our marketing experience extends well beyond ten years, the last ten years have been huge!

We’ve taken our marketing experience and adapted to the ever-changing, fast-paced world of digital marketing.

The introduction of social media, search engine and email marketing have fundamentally changed the game for every business, particularly small business.

We now have these super effective, highly targeted communication channels that can provide us with all of the measurements and metrics we need to make sound marketing decisions about our investment.

To celebrate our ten years of creating marketing magic for small businesses, we’ve compiled an abundance of knowledge, marketing tips and insight into this beautifully designed e-book to share with you.

We really hope you find it useful and enjoy reading the tips as well as accessing the marketing templates that we have included.

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This e-book includes the following articles:

  • Our agencies best ever top ten marketing tips
  • 10 marketing mistakes that business owners should avoid
  • 10 reasons to invest in your marketing
  • 10 things you need to know about your customer
  • 10 marketing touch points where consumers will form opinions on your brand
  • Access to 10 of our best marketing templates and cheat sheets
  • 10 marketing apps that help drive our digital content
  • 10 marketing activities that regional business’s can invest in to help them grow
  • 10 questions to ask yourself before you start marketing your business
  • 10 things that you’ll love about Dragonfly Marketing

By reading this book you will:

  • Learn what marketing activities to invest in for 2018
  • Learn how to plan your marketing activity for 2018
  • Learn from marketing mistakes made by others
  • Learn how to deep dive into your target audience so you can communicate more effectively with them
  • Get access to the templates that we use to execute marketing for our clients
  • Learn about the cool apps that we use to streamline our digital marketing activity


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What people are saying about the book

“By working with Dragonfly Marketing, in just 6 months we went from an organisation that knew we probably needed to advertise to understanding that brand awareness and marketing are so much more than just advertising.

We have built marketing collateral that we are proud of and that captures the essence of who we are. This can be used in multiple marketing and advertising contexts. We have relaunched our website, refreshed our logo, developed a suite of branded documents and have a fresh new approach to social media. We now have the confidence, skills and resources to develop marketing strategies ourselves. We understand more about what to market, when to market and how to market.

Pamela Kingston, Dundaloo Support Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote this book?
Jane Hillsdon, Managing Director and chief Dragonfly at Dragonfly Marketing. Jane started the business just a little over 10 years ago and has been partnering with her small business clients to help them execute strategic marketing ever since. Of course, she already had close to another 10 years of experience in marketing before this. Oh, and she’s just won the AMI Awards for Marketing Excellence in ‘Small Budget Marketing‘ category.
Will I get my value from this e-book?
Hell Yes! We designed this e-book for people just like you. It’s perfect to get you across all the major marketing issues and help you plan for 2018 marketing excellence! It’s over 60 pages of tips – PLUS access to 10 free marketing templates.

Purchase the ’10 Insights into Small Business Marketing E-book’

Invest in some marketing advice compiled by an award-winning marketing consultant to help plan for 2018.

$9.95 inc gst

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