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Often when I start working with a small business, one of the first things that I will do is review the existing marketing that they have on the go.

And typically what I will discover, is that a business will only have one or two steps of the five steps (awareness, engagement, conversion, repeat sales, brand advocacy) of the marketing journey accounted for.

By not catering for every step in a customers marketing journey with your business, you could be leaving an abundance of opportunity and money on the table.

You see, in order for marketing to work effectively and efficiently, all of your marketing activity needs to form part of what we like to call a marketing eco system.

Just like any ecosystem, each element plays a significant part in bringing together life. In this case, it’s the life of your marketing.

If an element is missing, or underperforming, it affects the overall health and outcomes of the entire ecosystem.

So when we are planning what marketing activity a small business needs to invest and focus on to achieve their top and bottom line results, we carefully select which elements of the ecosystem we need for each step of the journey.

We do this using a framework that takes a potential customer from getting to know a business, getting to like and trust a business, to buying from a business, becoming a repeat customer of a business to then eventually becoming a brand advocate.

This is what our marketing ecosystem looks like:

marketing ecosystem

As you can see from the diagram above, each stage of the marketing journey is aligned with an objective and an associated measurement. This is important because I’m very conscious that small businesses generally don’t have the time, money or resources for perfunctory activities.

Every elements of our ecosystem has a defined purpose and a defined measurement of success. We monitor it carefully each month to ensure that the element is actively contributing to our marketing ecosystem. and if it’s not, then we optimise or review it’s future.

By using this framework to plot out our prospective customer journey with us, we are ensuring that we have the right level of activity AND investment to drive the required amount of awareness, to ensure the appropriate amount of engagement of which will then ideally lead to meeting our sales targets.

We then also make sure that we are optimising our opportunity to gain repeat sales (your existing and previous customers should be your low hanging fruit) and eventually help your customers to become enthusiastic advocates of your brand.

Your marketing should be doing all of the above. And if it’s not, there could be some massive gaps in your marketing ecosystem that will be deflating your total marketing opportunity.

If you’d like to talk to me about you can use strategy and planning to ensure every element of your marketing ecosystem is actively contributing to your results and not costing you money, then contact me at jane@dragonflymarketing.com.au. This stuff is my super power!


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